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Frequently Asked Questions

• How is your company different from other Real Estate Companies?
We save our clients a significant amount of money by reducing our listing fees to 1% instead of 3%. We have found ways to provide professional service while reducing expenses. We pass those savings on to our clients because we believe in giving back…to you!

• Where is your office located?
We actually don’t have an office. In order to reduce unnecessary expenses, we operate out of home offices and are happy to meet you at a location convenient to you.

• As a home buyer, what do I have to pay a REALTOR to help me?
You don’t pay anything! All REALTOR fees are paid by sellers.

• As a home buyer, how do I know what my price range should be?
The most important step in your home search is speaking with a local lender to determine your price range and what financing options you qualify for.

• As a home seller, how much will it cost me?
With other real estate firms it will likely cost you 6+%. With us, we list your home for 1% of the sales price. We encourage you to offer a buyer’s agent up to 3% of the sales price. However, we encourage you to speak with friends, family, and neighbors about your home. If you find a buyer not represented by an agent, you don’t have to pay the 3% and will end up selling your home for 1% of the sales price. Other options for finding buyers on your own are listing your home on For Sale By Owner websites and holding Open Houses yourself.

• How long will it take me to buy a home?
The home search can take a couple of days up to several months. Speaking with a local lender will expedite this process by preventing you from looking outside of your price range. Knowing your home criteria will help us narrow your search for you to prevent you from searching through hundreds of homes. Once you have a house under contract, you can expect to move in within 30-60 days.

• How long will it take me to sell my home?
This depends on how you have prepared your home. For the Wilmington area, the average number of days a property remained on the market for the 2nd Quarter 2014 was 124 days. Once under contract, you should expect to be out in 30-60 days.

• How much is my home worth?
We will be happy to perform a Comparative Market Analysis for you for FREE. Then decide if now is the right time to sell your home. If so, use us to list your home and save a significant amount of money.

• What do I need to do to prepare my home to be sold?
See Why Homes Don’t Sell for examples of things to avoid to get your home sold fast.