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Today’s real estate environment has shifted from that of a few years ago. With the help of the internet, detailed home information including photos and comparable properties are available to buyers instantly online. In fact, recent studies report that 94% of home buyers are shopping online. That means the role of today’s real estate agent is to get your property online on as many websites as possible and buyers will come! There is no longer a need for expensive office buildings to attract potential clients.

We at Anchored Real Estate realize those statistics and today’s trends and have set up our business around this model. We operate out of home offices and offer the same professional services you have come to expect from a REALTOR, but we pass the savings on to our clients. We only charge 1% to list your home (if your home sales price is less than $100,000 we charge a minimum of $1,000). In fact, if you network your home to buyers and they don’t have a buyer’s agent, you don’t pay any commission to a buyer’s agent and you sell your home for 1% (that’s our fee for marketing and negotiating your contract for you). We even encourage you to market your home on For Sale by Owner websites and hold Open Houses yourself to attract these buyers.
1. Schedule a meeting – Meet with one of our agents to create a personal strategy to get your home sold. We will discuss how to increase the appeal of your home inside and out and develop a price strategy.
2. Photos & Measurements – We take photos and measurements of your home.
3. Home is listed – Home will be visible online to buyers and available for scheduled showings from other agents.
4. Showings/Feedback – We communicate with agents that bring buyers to your home to determine interest and/or determine if modifications need to be made to our selling strategy.
5. Offer/Negotiations/Contract – When offers come in, we negotiate for you to get the price and conditions to benefit you the most.
6. Inspection/Repairs – After a contract is formed, buyers will bring in professionals to inspect your home. We negotiate for you what, if any, repairs are to be done.
7. Closing/Recording – We offer you support all the way up to the day you close on the home. We will even attend the closing with you if you would like.
If you are serious about selling your home, you must treat your home like a product to be sold. The more attractive you make it, the quicker it will sell…

Here is a list of the top reasons that houses don’t sell in today’s market:

• Priced too high – This isn’t the only factor, but very important. Evaluating what other homes around you have sold for will give you a good idea where yours will sell. Take advantage of our 1% listing fee to reduce your asking price and your home will sell much faster.
• Commission offered to the buyer’s agent is too low - Unfortunately buyer’s agents aren’t as likely to show and sell your home if you are offering a very low commission.
• No curb appeal – Cut or remove those overgrown bushes and remove all the yard clutter and it will go a long way. Seasonal flowers and pine straw will also help make your home stand out. If people can tell you take care of the outside of your home, they will be more likely to want to come inside.
• Inside the home is full of clutter - Buyers want to visualize themselves in your home, not see your clutter. If it is difficult to navigate through your home, you may need to remove some furniture. Buyers want open spaces. Removing personal items like family photos helps to de-personalize your home. Open the blinds to bring in natural light during showings.
• Home is dirty – Buyers are instantly turned off if a home is not clean. It tells buyers that you haven’t taken care of the home. A clean smell upon entering the home is very appealing.
• Difficult to schedule a showing – The more limitations you put on the times and advance notices you require to show your home, the more buyers you are keeping out of your home.
• Listing photos are bad – If it doesn’t look good online, buyers are not likely to want to see your home in person.
• Information listed online is incorrect – We double and triple check to make sure everything is correct before we list a home.

How We Compare to Other Companies

Us vs. Traditional Agents Anchored Real Estate Traditional Agent
Listing Fee 1% of sales price 3% of sales price
If you network your home to buyers and they don’t have an agent, you pay no buyers agent commission. YES NO
You attend your open house YES – This is an option to save you even more money. NO
Posted on For Sale by Owner sites YES NO
Posting on Wilmington MLS YES YES
Posting on Realtor.com YES YES
Posting on Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and 50+ National websites YES MAYBE
Posting on Craigslist YES MAYBE
Home listed on all company websites like Coldwell Banker, Century 21, etc … YES YES
Yard sign and Lockbox YES YES
Full Contract Negotiation and Support YES YES
Answer Buyer Calls YES YES
Develop a personal strategy to get your home sold fast YES MAYBE
Photos and Measurements of your home YES MAYBE
Feedback from agents YES MAYBE